Greetings. We are The Council, a group of adventurers who have come together to stand for what is right, decent and just. We do not preach to others, nor do we hold them to our standards. They must follow their own paths, as we ours. However we of the Council walk similar paths.  In acknowledging  that we are all of the same spirit, that of kindness, decency, and fairness, we have decided to band together. So that we may more easily aid each other and others of Norrath. We do this not for fame, fortune, nor the possibility of somehow achieving power. We do this because it is who we are.  We are soloists at heart, each and every one of us. Each of us have run over the dark plains of Norrath, seeking our prey. Yet even in the darkest hour of night, when the moon rose high above the horizon and darkness covered the plains, we never forgot what is important. The values we stand for as individuals represents the seeds, our hearts the fertile soil, and our actions the nourishment, it is these that are the foundation upon we grow. We are Brothers and Sisters, united, confident that all who bear our name, will represent us with Honor, Dignity, and Integrity.  Now is the time to make known to all, what has already been achieved in deed and spoken word, that "The Council", is born.  We represent many ideas, but the following are central to us:

  We are The Council and the ideas above are what we live by. Should any one wish to become member, they will agree and live by these ideas. If a member should choose to leave, we wish them well, for we know not all walk the same path as we do. Lastly we refuse to be bound to any one location, rather we shall travel the world in search of adventure. However, no matter the distance nor the time that passes, we are Brothers and Sisters united for a common good, it is our actions and deeds that represents The Council to the world.

                                                                Sulla, Warrior
                                                                Axkel, Shaman

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