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I am not keeping a list of the guild events on this page anymore. For such information, check out the "Events" forum of the Council Message Board.


During raids, loot will be distributed by one of the Raid Leaders. The factors that will be taken into account to distribute the loot will be:

- How much the person has collaborated to the current raid (gathering information, helping the raid run  moothly,
buying spell/portal components, pulling, tagging, etc.)
- The current equipment of the person (basically, who "needs" the item the most)
- Sacrifices on past raids will be taken into account (people who don't have much planar gear compared to the number of times they've gone to the planes)

Since it's impossible to know exactly who will be part of each future raid, and what items each will have by then, we're leaving it up to the Raid Leader to assign loot fairly, given the factors stated above.

Loot decisions are final; I have confidence in the raid leaders to distribute loot fairly. If you don't get what you were looking for on a certain raid, do not despair, nor complain to the raid leader. There will be other raids, and everyone will be taken into account eventually, as drops allow.

(Written by Alruna)

Quest: The Oak of Tunare

[On hold for now...]

The Oak of Tunare: presentation of the Quest in which the Council must find the seed of a great oak, and other items scattered throughout Norrath, in the name of Tunare.

Chapter 1: Najena (Sunday 99-10-03)
The heroes must venture beyond Nektulos and Lavastorm to the grave of an ancient Elven Hero, Jenethiel Wavestrider. His grave lies deep within the ruins of Najena. The Heroes must gather some earth from his grave - it will have to be mixed with the ground where the Oak of Tunare will be planted.

Chapter 2: Permafrost
The heroes must now travel to the frigid wastes of Everfrost and venture into the keep of Permafrost. There, they must find a sacred chalice of  Tunare. This relic once contained water from the Spring of Eternal Purity... But it has been in Everfrost for so long that it contents have frozen into Holy Ice.
OK, I ventured a couple times in Permafrost and I dislike that place... At level 23 at least, I find it is a bad spot. There are tons of aggressive green goblins at the entrance who swarm anybody of my level who does not go in a full group. With two allies of level 21 and 28, I could not even make it past the ladder at the entrance. Spending an entire evening wasting my time fighting trains of greens is not my idea of fun... Even if it is meant for the lofty goal of role-playing.
So read on:
After many an epic battle in the frigid palace, Alruna and her friends have managed to find the holy chalice... This part of the quest is done... And they must now move on to...

Chapter 3: Solusek A
The heroes now face greater peril than ever. To melt the ice from the holy chalice of Tunare, the heroes must find the Flame of Yaralt. This magical artefact would create a small, magical fire capable of melting the holy ice. This artefact is, according to the scrolls found in Unrest, currently in the hands of the vile Goblins that live in the caves of Solusek... So the Heroes must return to the vicinity of Najena to find this strange item.

This is still ongoing I haven't had time to spend a lot of effort there, between Alruna's wedding and being rather busy at work... I hope to go there soon with a few of my brothers and sisters of the Council!

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