Recruiting guidelines for the Council

The Council is not recruiting new members at this time. :(

Here is a text that was posted on the message board describing the new policy regarding the invitation of secondary characters for current guild members. It is effective as of september 10th, 2000.

Hi everyone,

As you have all noticed, the guild is growing bigger not only in the numbers of players in it, but also of characters. This is mainly due to the fact that most of us have several secondaries in the guild.

It has now reached a point where it is very hard for anyone, even myself, to keep track of who's who as far as secondaries as concerned.

So, the new policy from now on is that secondaries will only be invited in the guild once they are at least level 16. It's not a matter of we don't like you and don't want you to listen to guildchat for this time.. but it's tough to keep track of the webpage and for people to know who is who anymore. This insures that the members page is more kept with those characters that are being played, instead of those that people just make on a whim, like 'oh I want to try a monk to see what they're like'.

Now this doesn't mean that you need to remove your secondaries. Characters already in the guild are staying. But from now on, let's try to get more away from the "I want to try an enchanter" thing, add him to the guild at level 1, see him on guildchat for a night or two, then he's gone from memory. Character gets Deleted. Web Page is Updated.. etc.

The level 16 commitment proves that you are truly dedicated to playing that secondary, and that it's worth it for everyone to get to know the character and to add him to the web page.

I hope this is ok with everyone. The goal is not to penalize people for making secondaries, it's to keep the  number of new characters that come into the guild to a more manageable level.

Alruna Moongazer
Bearer of the Ethereal Mist Scrunchie

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