Council Sayings

"I'm on fire." - Morley

"Funnel Cake?" - Farynd

"I AM NOT A TANK !" - Galilee

"Look, boss! It's de train! De train !!!" - Rutgger

"This baby has been snared" - Morgannawin

"This puppy has been DOT by a druid" - Morgannawin

"No Galilee we do not have peanuts" - Morgannawin

"Thank you for flying Morgannawin air" - Morgannawin

"This foe hath been snared by me, Saldrin,
Adventurer, ranger of Surefall Glade,
33 year old non-smoking professional.
Give me a tell if interested." - Saldrin

"Dammit, Zeth, it's a song... not a spell!" - Danamien the Bard

"Never shall I hurt any cute creature. Except maybe frogloks." - Alruna

"I will deliver the mail to Kelethin" - Alruna

"It's all about looks" - Alruna

"This thing is way overrated" - Weewun

"Dagnabit!" - Ebumar

"Respect the hairy feet!" - Gearren

"NUKE! Never leave home without it!" - Abdule

"Anyone in the mood to listen to me sing?" - Ettel

"I am wearing the Light Blue Bra of Death" - Alruna

"Spoff's blue, aba dee aba da" - Everyone

"You no go... You slow!" - Farynd

"Enter the dragon" - Quinteth

"Brell sucks / Alruna rocks / Korinn rocks / Frrroooaaak / Baaarrrkk .... We have incoming" - Morley

"TRAINING... PLEASE RUN..." - Alruna

"In Alaska, the odds are good but the goods are odd." - Nessus

"SPOON!" - Hoanglee

"Later days" - Kelven

"I was like, "!" " - Korinn

"Damn, another secondary out leveled me...." - Funewun Chan

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Last updated: 2000-09-26

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