Alkiran Moongazer

Alkiran Moongazer is Alruna's father. Kindness, wisdom and great sadness can be read in his eyes. His smile is gentle and his voice is soft.


Cassina Flowerhand

Cassina Flowerhand is Alruna's Mother. She regards any who is not a High Elf with nothing but a cold glare. To her kin, she is polite but distant.


Ellanina Moongazer

Ellanina is Alruna's older sister. She is very beautiful, and is a musician of great talent. She is also very arrogant, especially toward Dwarves and Half-Elves.


Jandaiel Whiteoak

Jandaiel Whiteoak is Ellanina's husband - Alruna's brother in law. He is gentle but weak of character. He blindly obeys his wife and seems unable to take decisions for himself.


High Priest Kelinas Elmshade

Kelinas Elmshade is a High Priest of Tunare. His demeanor is filled with grace and quiet pride. He is the one who gives Alruna her Faith Quest.