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Funewun and Maze

Gina Marie, aka Islene Osiris


Gina Marie, born June 14, 1977 in Clovis, California.  Grew up in Mesa, AZ, currently living in Phoenix in a wittlebitty apartment with my two cats,
Eris and Saffron...my adorable little monster fluffballs who I love more than anything.

Stuff I love: laughing, nature, animals, writing poetry & stories, painting, drawing, music, strange movies, art, friends, my sister & brothers, EQ (no
joke!!) chocolate, The Simpsons, shopping, weird knickknacks (my personal favorite a green glass rhino heh) rain, cooking, reading, roadtrips or any
other form of travelling (once I get off the plane, I hate planes) sleep, nice people :)

Stuff I can't stand: Ignorance, stupidity, prejudice, lying, being bored, summer in this ugly desert, traffic, losing my temper (happens more than I
like to admit :/), cowards, sour candy, BUGS, LYING!!!!

Good stuff about me: fun, funny (sometimes =P) considerate, intelligent, honest, open-minded, caring, generous, creative, loyal friend, weird!

Not-so-good stuff: impatient, moody, tempermental, impulsive, reclusive, have a tendancy to hold grudges and take things too personally, pessimistic, melancholy, start things and never finish them (jill of all trades, master of NOTHING!) forgettful, distractable, give up on things easily (fickle as all hell).
There I am, that's me :)

This sums up my philosophy on things nicely:

"To laugh often and much; to win the respect of intelligent people and the affection of children; to earn the appreciation or honest critics and endure the betrayal of false friends; to appreciate beauty; to find the best in others; to leave the world a little better whether by a healthy child, a garden patch, or a redeemed social condition; to know that even one life has breathed easier because you have lived."
~ This is to have succeeded. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Don Beard, aka Galilee Morningsong


Who am I?  Don Beard
What is my age? 29 and feeling it right now
Gender? d00d
Where do I live? Phoenix, Arizona
Religeon? Devout Athiest.  And I'll trash any religeon =)
Job? Yes
General Appearance: 5'11" about 155lbs.  Big scar going down my body.  As a child I was cut in half the long way.  From my head to my er..... well.. I was cut in half...
Marital Status: SINGLE!  Pathetic!  LOSER!  I guess I'm still trying to come to terms with what I've become.
Interests? EQ, Death Metal, Black Metal, I loved that show Brimstone.  I eat Oreo Cookies a lot too.  Hockey, Baseball, Football, sometimes Basketball. Movies.  I'm facinated by small shiney objects and I like to talk into fans to sound like a Robot.  I sing to myself a lot.  Mostly the Banana Boat song but I'll ramble off on I'm all Shook Up as well.  I like to think I'm kind of amusing in RL but what do I know.
Fave Bands: Burzum, Impaled Nazarene, Dark Funeral, Theatre of Tragedy, Therion, Haggard, Emperor.  If I had to Narrow down my 5 Fave Bands they would be.. Paradise Lost, My Dying Bride, Anathema, Katatonia, and Opeth
RPG's I played.  I played AD&D once about 7 years ago.  All my friends were level 13 or so and had a campain.  They had me roll up a level 13
Swashbuckler I named John Furie Zacharias from the book Imagica.  With some amazing Die Rolling John Furie defied all odds, pissed off the GM who promptly killed him off next session, and ended a scenerio that was to last 3 weeks in a matter of hours.  He was the hero of the town and the GM had to off him.  His Die skillzz were amazing.
My Everquest Chars: First off, WHY ARE THEY ALL FEMALES?  Well, I alternate actually.  My first char as a SK named Vegard, than Galilee, than Glubb the Ogre Shammie, than Haunting, than there was Hansel, than Tristania.  I just liked the Female Chars more.  No reason really. Galilee is a lot like who I maybe wish I could always be like.  If you group with her you know what I mean.  I like to consider Galilee a good example of how maybe a Paladin should be played and I think maybe I wish I was like that.  Optimistic, Noble, I guess I look at her more like an Angel.  A bringer of hope.  Haunting is more reflective of who I am I think.  A loner.  Dark.  Sinister.  The real me.

The Powerade Shot:
I used to work at company and I was in Customer Service.  Well, everyone wanted to see what I looked like so the boss said he'd take a pic of me and put it up on the companies website.  This was the best he could manage and I got my fair share of YOU JERK from our clients.  :)

Timothy Deen, aka Timot


My real name: Timothy Andrew Deen
My age: 30
My gender: Male
Where I come from: Dallas, Texas
Religion: Agnostic
My job: Game developer for Ensemble studios (Age of Empires 1 & 2 so far)
Lifestyle: My life revolves around games really,  I go to work to make them, then go home to play them.
Marital status: Single, and unlike what my mother wants probably gonna stay that way unless I stop playing games and make time for a life outside of games.
Interests: Playing computer games on the pc and the console, and playing board games with my friends. I also read sci-fi and fantasy books when i take the time (sometimes while playing EQ even, so when I am not being to attentive I might be reading a bit)
Favorite computer games: EVERQUEST. might and magic series, Tribes, half-life, Warcraft/Starcraft, Age of empires 1 & 2(of course), Mechwarrior games, Tie fighter, descent freespace, all the monkey island games... etc etc etc

I play really only 1 character in EQ which is obviously Timot, allthough really Timot is really just me, my avatar in Norrath. I do not really role play that much, mostly its just me playing the game as myself injoying the company of my online friends (and the phat lewt can't forget the phat lewt).  I have been playign EQ since a week after it was released (Timot was my first character) and I have injoyed it ever since, it has only gotten better having a good guild to play with.

 Phu Troung, aka Maze Desu and Gerald Hom, aka Funewun Chan


From left to right:
Phu (Maze), a friend of theirs, and Gerald (Funewun).

Josh Greiner, aka Nessus Vifane


Josh Greiner, Born 1977, in Fairbanks Alaska, currently residing in Anchorage Alaska :)

Hobbies: EQ (Duh), Writing (Bad) Poetry, Jogging, Biking, Ultimate Frisbee (The finest sport ever invented), Reading, and Stalking Steven

Assorted stuff: I Work in a Television station which means I work weird hours...Once, I worked 56 hours in three days *shrug* I love my job
;)  If anyone wants to read my particularly nauseous poetry, or see a few other pics O me..here's my seriously neglected webpage ;)


Hoanglee Ravedancer
(he did not send me his RL name :(   )


that's me on the left, and my friend who used to play on the right.
age- 19
sex - male
location - san jose, california.
hobbies - raving and anything else fun
height is about 5"6' i hope, weight is 120.
likes - fun stuff
dislikes - not fun stuff
music i enjoy - trance, and anything else that has a nice beat to it
favorite artists - scooter, mars&mystr-e, ayla, atb, and other's that should do it=)

April Ortiz, aka Autumnmist


Real Name: April Ortiz
Age: 18 (19 on Dec. 4)
Gender: DUH
Where I come from:  A boring town in Alabama
Job: ummm... I have no job. heheh (yet working on that)
Languages I speak: English and learning Spanish
General description: 5'7" don't know how much I weigh and if I did like I'd tell you!
Lifestyle: I live at home with my mom, dad, and sister (Jennifer). I have a very sweet cat who only likes females. I am going to the University of South Alabama and I am majoring in the performing arts.
Marital status: Very Single
Interests: I LOVE softball and EQ. I like to act and read books also.
Favorite music: Metallica, Sting, Ani Difranco, Enigma, Enya, Tori Amos, mostly all music but country music.
Subjects that bore me to death: history courses, doing chores, shopping
RPG experience: AD&D I've played D&D for like 6 years and would love to start playing again. (HINT HINT Kelven)
Favorite computer games: Everquest, Unreal, Tomb Raider, Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine.


Jennifer Ortiz, aka Autumnwind


The gentleman in the middle picture is Woody (aka Kelven)

Real Name: Jennifer Ortiz
Age:  21 - woot! I'm legal...wait a minute...I don't drink! ;)
Gender: I am woman, hear me order people around!
Where I come from:  A boring town in Alabama
Job: QMS
Languages I speak: English and learning Spanish
General description: I'm 5'6"...making me the shortest person in my family.  Oh well.  As you can tell from the pictures I have brown hair and brown eyes.  Also very sarcastic attitude.  (I get that from the family)
Lifestyle: I live at my parent's home with my irritating sister April (just joking).  I attend the University of South Alabama and am majoring in Computer Science.  I hope one day to correct the AI pathing in EQ! woot!
Marital status: Um...let's see....I've been going out with Kelven (Woody) for um...*thinks hard* um...well...a LONG time. ;)  Woody remembers all the dates and stuff.  I just know we started going out July somethingith in the year 19somethingith. LOL - I love you Woody!
Interests: Shotokan Karate, photography, drawing, painting, playing computer games (April says I'm the only one in the family with artistic talent - cept the performing arts area - she's the movie star)
Favorite music:  Everything but country, Britney Spears, boy bands, and Christina Aguilera (sp?)
Subjects that bore me to death: history, math, philosophy, politics
RPG experience: EQ, Ravenloft, Dragonlance, other AD&D.
Favorite computer games: Everquest, Unreal, Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine

In the picture in the middle, the gentleman on the left is Woody (Kelven) and the gentleman on the right is Jeff (Tandom).
The character on the right is Jennifer's Bard, Corali Dirgesinger

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