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General EQ information sites

EQ Vault

An amazing source of Everquest-related information. On-line events, updates on changes related to game mechanics, cool screenshots, etc. Updated daily.

Sony's official Everquest web page

Another good place to get information about the game.

Everquest, La Source

A french site dedicated to Everquest, similar to EQ Vault. The text is in french. Vive la France!

Everquest Forums

An interesting site that contains forums such as "The Jerks of Everquest", "Flame Central" and "Stupid EQ Names"

Player Vault

A database of players and characters for Everquest and other computer games. You can enter information about your own characters, or search for some other players and/or characters.

EQ online

Another information site about Everquest

EQ items

Very useful information about EQ, including a great search engine for items, and also information about races, classes, etc.

EQCharInfo Program

A program that analyzes all kinds of useful info about one's character from game logs.

EQ Game Guide (From a Halfling)

This little guy has a lot of interesting things to say about our favorite game.

EQ Glossary

"wtf u wtb fbr 4 50 plat??? fom btw"

EQlizer (Equipment Guide)

Ruins of Kunark (Official Site)

Ze Everquest expansion

Test Everquest

Testing stuff to better understand how EQ works.

Race specific sites

Dark Elves (Neriak.com)

Oggok - The Ogres' Home

Info about the Troll tongue and mathematics (The Cimmerii page)

Trolls (Bashin Ordur!!)

Class specific sites

Bards (HOWTO: Twist Bard Songs)

Bards (Song Analysis)

EQ Clerics

EQ Druids

EQ Enchanters   *
(* Features a mana calculator that calculates your character's mana total based on your stats, level and class. Valid for all magic-using classes!)

EQ Magicians

Club Everquest Magicians

The Lair - Necromancer Page

Rangers (Everquest Rangers)

The Rangers Glade

Shadow Knights

The Shaman's Crucible


The Council      (A guild on the Veeshan server)

GuildBoss         (Guild management utility)

Luna Imperium     (A guild on the Rodcet Nife server)

The Cimmerii     (A dark race roleplaying guild on the Erollisi Marr server)

The Circle of Eternity       (A guild on the Veeshan server, allied with the Council)

Innorin Empire            (A guild of Dark Elves on the Veeshan server)


The Cackling Klaknak


Answers from the Arch Mage

EQCasters     (A VERY useful site with tons of information about pure spell casters (Wizards, Magicians, Enchanters and Necromancers))

Spell Research    (A site dedicated to Arcane Research (for spells) in Everquest.)


EQ Atlas       (This very helpful site provides maps of numerous regions of Norrath.)

EQmaps.com News


EQ Adventurer's Journal

Lost Compostions of Aysha Atreides

The Long Road Journal of Jhared Irsei

The Page of Wrath




Everquest Adventures in Rathe Server

Everquest express            (A weekly on-line newspaper dedicated to, you guessed it, Everquest.)

Norrath RolePlay            (Site of an organization dedicated to good role-playing in Norrath.)


Vallon Zek

Trade Skills

Fletching Guide by Aoenla

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