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Everquest is, without a doubt, the best computer game I've ever played.

In Everquest, you play a character, chosen among an amazing variety of class and race possibilities, who evolves in the wonderful land of Norrath, among hundreds and hundreds of other adventurers, who are played by people from all around our Real Life world.

Sounds great, huh? Well, it is. Everquest is more immersive than any other game I've played. You really live through your character, discover the world through their eyes. This experience can be exhilarating; and with the right people around you, it's simply magical. Sadly, not all people who play Everquest are interesting or respectful. Far from it, actually.

Still, Everquest offers a great deal of opportunities for adventure to those who enjoy heroic fantasy games in a persistent computer world. I've played it for a little over two years, and I have a great number of fond memories from it. I doubt I will ever play again another game that I will enjoy quite as much.

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Alruna Moongazer,
the gentle priestess of Tunare
Gargrim Puniesbane,
the fearsome troll warrior
Grizben Nazurb,
the wise gnome magician
the dashing elven bard
Branthara Howlstorm,
the rune caster of Halas
Svennik Jackalsson,
the smuggler of Qeynos
wandering sage and conjuror
Zeloth D'Biall,
the Teir'Dal rebel
who heard the Gods
hunter of gnolls


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