Race: Wood Elf
Class: Bard
Gender: Male
Level: 20
Religion: Erollisi Marr
Server: Veeshan
Current place of residence: Felwithe
Alignment: Good
Guild: Council

Djenn was born in Kelethin in a humble family. He was always a dreamer, even when he reached adulthood. Adventure and romance were the only things he ever truly strove for. Even though he studied the bardic arts, he also joined the elven forces to defend Faydark against the Orcish invaders. While he was in a platoon that assaulted Crushbone's outskirts, he met a group of gnomes, who told him about a dream of their own: to journey to the continent of Antonica. Djenn put words and rythm to their dream, and soon he was part of their group. Playing Selo's Accelerando on his old battered set of drums, Djenn set out for Antonica in the company of the three gnomes, Livy, Anlea and Murtika.

Their journey lasted for many days. With Djenn's music magically hastening their steps, they strode through the lands of Faydwer, and of Antonica. They beheld many strange and wondrous sights, of which Djenn later wrote many ballads. And they finally reached their final destination: Qeynos. The foursome remained together for a time, hunting the gnolls of Blackburrow, but eventually the group dissolved, and Djenn travelled alone for some time.

After a while, Djenn made some new friends, like Inwe, Hinin, Hoanglei and Dylana. He traveled and lived many adventures. Maybe he will tell you about them some day...

Last Updated: 2001-04-02

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