Svennik Jackalsson

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Race: Barbarian
Class: Rogue
Gender: Male
Level: 14
Religion: Agnostic
Server: Veeshan
Current place of residence: Qeynos
Alignment: Neutral
Guild: Council


Svennik's father was a scoundrel and a murderer, who was known in Halas as "The Jackal". It's for this reason that's Svennik's last name is Jackalsson. Life in the Barbarian lands was always hard for Svennik, who was scorned because of his father's reputation. It might therefore be understandable that Svennik turned to crime as well.

Tired of the harsh life in the cold north, he traveled to Qeynos and joined the guild of thieves there. For several years, he lived the good life, stealing from merchants and travelers in the Qeynos region. But one day he got greedy, and made a deal with the Black Burrow gnolls. They wanted two magical artifacts that belonged to the Barbarians, Svennik's own people.

The dastardly Svennik accepted to betray his own people in favor of a large sum of gold he would receive from the gnolls. He traveled back to Halas, and managed to steal the Chimes of Voices and the Incense of Visions from the house of one of Halas' chief Shamans, the rune caster Branthara Howlstorm.

He gave the gnolls their items and got his money for the deal. Sadly for Svennik, Branthara was aware that he was the one who stole her artifacts. In the "Barrett's Mystery" quest, Branthara asked a group of adventurers to go after Svennik and return her artifacts.

The adventurers, who included the dwarven paladin Grumli and the young thief Caitlin (sister of the kidnapped magician Barrett), managed to track down Svennik in the Qeynos sewers; and they confronted him and his right-hand man Devian in the smelly, wet tunnels under the city. After an epic duel, Caitlin finally drove her dagger through Svennik's guts, and he fell to the ground.

The adventurers searched his body and found on it evidence that led them to Black Burrow, to retreive Branthara's artifacts from the gnolls. And they left the dead body of Svennik behind them.

But was he really dead?....

Weeks later, some people say they saw him lurking about the Qeynos slums again... In the company of a Dwarf, as well as an Ogre. Was it truly Svennik who had come back from the dead, or had he managed to fool Branthara's allies by feigning death? Was the rogue known as "Vinnie" really Svennik Jackalsson? Is he still lurking about the Qeynos sewers and alleys?... Are the citizens of Qeynos not safe at last?...

That remains, still, a mystery....

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