Barrett's mystery


"The key to the cage...
The release of the spirit...
Demon trickery...

This is a quest that will unite heroes on the Veeshan server to help a man in danger. Barrett of Qeynos, a magician and wanderer, has been missing for some time. And recently, it came to be known that fate has struck a tragic blow against the gentle sorcerer. Some of his friends have begun to search for him. As they gather more clues, the plot thickens. It seems that Barrett is in very deep danger indeed. If you are bold of heart and ready to help your fellow man, kindly join the quest to free our friend Barrett from the clutches of evil!

If you are interested in joining the quest to help Barrett and uncover some of the dark mysteries of Norrath, you can contact me here.
You can also send a /tell to one of the following characters in the game: Alruna, Barrett, Branthara, Caitlin, Grizben, Nkrungk, Serinar.

Here are the various chapters of the quest, so far...

The Wedding (99-11-07)

Alruna's Tale (99-11-07)

The Rune Caster (99-11-07)

Caitlin's Dreams (99-11-09)

Thieves and Dogs (99-11-16)

The quest began in the Qeynos region, and the first part was aimed for characters level 10-15 of non-evil races.

As the quest continues, characters of higher levels will have their part to play. For sure, you can join later even if you could not participate in the beginning.

So far, there have been 3 sessions of the quest. The heroes have gone from Surefall Glade to Halas, then to Qeynos, into the Qeynos Sewers and finally went to Black Burrow... The next session, which is scheduled for next week (i.e., around november 23rd... I will try to notify you in advance once we agree on a date), will bring the heroes to the Eastern Plains of Karana. Note: the next session will be for higher level characters, around 15-25 suggested.

Click here to see the list of the people who have shown interest in participating in this quest.

Disclaimer: This quest is purely player-driven by 3 people who play on the Veeshan server. There is no GM support for this quest. Therefore, we are trying to do the best we can to come up with a fun quest without having the ability to generate monsters, NPCs or items for the quest. As you can imagine, this complicates matters a little bit compared to a regular role-playing game. :-)

Last updated: 99-11-17

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