My friends in Norrath

Here are some of the fine people I've had the pleasure of meeting in Norrath... As you can see, unfortunately, there are more than a mere /friend list will allow ;-(

Note: This list dates back to my early EQ days... I met a LOT of people since it was last updated. Way too many to keep track in such details.


This powerful Barbarian Shaman was the leader of the Council. His wisdom guided the actions of the Guild, and his bravery energized its members into actively fighting evil and helping the innocent. Axkel and Alruna have fought side by side in the vile Estate of Unrest, against the Undead menace there. Sadly, Axkel is seldom seen in Norrath these days



This Magician from Qeynos is a member of the Fellowship of the Lake. He is charming and brave, having dared face Ambassador D'Vinn in a duel to the death. During one festive night in Freeport, Alruna and him flirted together. Alas, their duty has forced them to go on different paths. Let us hope that the two meet again soon. He is a good friend of Grast and Rhyannia.

At one point, Barrett disappeared from sight completely. And now his friends have heard that he is in great danger. Several of his former companions have gathered to try and free him. In order to do this, they must uncover Barrett's Mystery.


Boburt (or 'Bob') is a powerful Cleric who used to be in the Council. Alruna, Seymore and him ventured into Paw together and slew some gnolls. He is Teepot's real life husband.


Chektor Defwode

This High Elven Magician has hunted many times in the Estate of Unrest with Alruna. They make a very good team, even when they are only the two of them against the horrors of Unrest. With the help of one of Chektor's extraplanar friends, they even managed to slay some rather deadly foes. Chektor has recently joined the Council.

Farynd O'Tempus

Farynd is a Barbarian Shaman, and a member of the Council. He is a very gentle man for one who comes from the harsh lands of the North. Alruna and him discussed Council matters by letters before they met, as they were on different continents. Since then, they have hunted many times together in the Estate of Unrest and in other places like the plains of Karana.


Fladora Arodalf

This Human Warrior is another member of the Council. She comes from Qeynos and has recently moved to Freeport. She tried to travel to Faydwer, but upon her arrival on the docks of the Butcher Block Mountains, the dwarven guards assaulted her with irrational anger. Alruna helped her escape back to the Human lands. There, they have fought all kinds of creatures in the Oasis of Marr and the surrounding desert. They have even escaped the assaults of several Sand Giants!


Follwindy Ravenheal

This gentle Halfling Cleric has hunted many times with her friend Morley and with Alruna. She is quiet but always alert and brings timely heals to her wounded friends in battle. She is a fellow member of the Council.

Fwing Gates

No, this man is not related to Bill Gates. His name merely comes from the sound that his teleport gates make. He is indeed a Wizard of great power, master of instant travel in Norrath. And of course of ultimate destruction, which is always a bonus. Fwing used to be a member of the Council, but left to join the League of Gentlemen. This makes it easier for him to group with people from his own time zone, since he lives in the U.K. Alruna misses his enlightening company, but hopes they can still hunt together in the future.

Galilee Morningsong

Ah, the lovely Galilee. Aaahhh... *sigh*
This girl could make many a bold adventurer get ambushed while day-dreaming about her, and has already broken many hearts among the short, balding gnome community.
She is a High Elf Paladin, whose beauty rivals that of Norrath's setting sun. What's more, her kindness and bravery are as great as her beauty. Alruna has hunted Minotaurs with her once, and they ventured into Befallen and Unrest many times together.
Over the seasons, Galilee has fought many times by Alruna's side. She is now probably her best friend. Though Jicks, Yally and many others come close.
Galilee is a member of the Council.


Garvok Sereghis

This Dwarven Priest of Brell has fought by Alruna's side several times in the Estate of Unrest. Though they are from two radically different Churches, they have become good friends. Garvok has a very warm personality, and has befriended many members of the Council. Seeing as he is a member of the Outriders of Karana, is seems to bring the two Guilds close together. Contrary to the dwarven stereotype, Garvok is a very well-mannered fellow.

Gesler Carlin

Gesler is a dwarven cleric, and one of Alruna's best friends. He is a very good companion, bringing not only his sturdy hammer and his healing powers to help the group, but also his wisdom and kindness. Alruna has hunted evil beings many times with him. Gesler travels a lot, which sometimes makes it difficult for the two friends to venture together, since an Ocean often separates them. Nevertheless, when they can, they love to fight side by side.
Side note: Gesler is now a very powerful character, having attained level 41 at the time I am writing this (99-11-21). Congratulations, Gesler! it's just unfortunate that we can't group together anymore. :-(



This High Elven Cleric has become a good friend of Alruna. They have fought side by side in the defense of Tunare's children, mostly in the Oasis of Marr but also in Befallen, in East Karana, in the Beholder Maze, in Najena and in Runnyeye Citadel. Like Alruna, Gitano has a kind heart and a noble soul. He is a very good disciple of Tunare.


This Ranger has traveled far from his homeland of Surefall Glade to go help the elves of Faydark against the Crushbone Orcs. It is on his way there that he met Alruna. This gentleman is to engaged to the lovely Rhyannia. Like his friend Barrett, he is a member of the Fellowship of the Lake.


This is one of my RL friend Chuck's characters. He is a powerful Dwarven Paladin who fears nothing. He's done many an adventure with Grizben, and even a few with Alruna. He is a smith and often creates metal studs that Alruna can use to make studded armor. He is a great companion, and is also a friend of Alruna's father.


Jicks Moongazer

I played many times with this Half-Elven Druid, as Grizben and as Alruna, and it was a most pleasurable experience every time. Jicks is one of the best role-players I've seen on EQ yet. He has a very kind heart, and his bravery and good humor always make it a delight to adventure with him. He is a real life friend of Gesler and Yally.

Jicks has recently gotten married to Alruna !!



This gorgeous Barbarian woman is also a powerful warrior. She is very friendly and kind of spirit, and Alruna got along very well with her when they hunted Gargoyles on the island of death with Luno. Karmela is a member of the Council.



This humble, but beautiful, Monk has fought by the side of Grizben, Grumli and Alruna. She is brave and well organized in a group. She is the head of the Guild "Guardians of the Kindred".



This eccentric High Elf Enchanter is a member of the Council. Alruna hunted Gargoyles on the island of death with him and Karmela. His wide array of illusionary spells and other fascinating enchantments never cease to amaze Alruna.



This charming Wood Elven Bard was a companion of Grumli and Grizben's on the Veeshan server during the first few weeks after the release of EQ. Those were the days!! When we were all rediscovering the world, and that the highest level characters in any zone were about 8th level (and we were 4th). Alas, Lyricia has now moved to the Xegony server. I hear she has a lot of fun over there, and is now at least level 20. How I envy those who are blessed with her company! 'Tis quite sad, especially since our friendship in Norrath dated back to phase 3 of beta... (When I was playing Gargrim and she was playing her Troll Shaman Babikaks). I wish her all the best in her version of Norrath.


One of Alruna's Fellow Council Members. Calm and professional, he is a powerful ally and a reliable companion. I have not seen him in Norrath in a loooooong time now.


Malhela Falstele

Alruna has hunted a few times with this Dark Elf Necromancer. OK, so it's not really in the spirit of role-playing... But the person who plays Malhela is really sweet, so I wanted to hunt with her for the pleasure of her company. Malhela is a member of the Innorin Empire.


Brother of Nalok, this Dark Elven Wizard is a companion of Gargrim. He is played by my RL friend (and ex-coworker) Carl. Malok and his brother traveled to the Innothule Swamp from the Dark Woods of Nektulos, and now reside there. They are bringing their contribution to the methodical eradication of the Froglok race, with the help of Gargrim and some other Trolls.


Read about Malok's background here:
The beginning

(more to come soon)

Morley Dotes

This charming Rogue has become one of Alruna's best friends. He is currently the one she hunts most often with. He is a clever, witty and brave companion. His skill with piercing weapons is excellent, especially when he hits his foes from a "strategic position". Morley's best friend is Follwindy and they are rarely seen apart. Morley is a member of the Council. He works with Galilee's player in RL.


Malok's brother is a Dark Elven Necromancer, and is played by one of Carl's coworkers (who also plays a super high level Druid on some other server).


Nisha Gidim

A high level Dark Elf Necromancer, she is Chuck's main character. And a damn good one at that! Although I will most likely never play in the same group as her, I am always eager to hear Chuck's tales about her adventures. Even when they involve the butchering of innocent female paladins. Nisha is the mother of my character Zeloth.



Another one of Chuck's characters. This one is really a classic. She's a Troll Shaman, and one of Gargrim's younger siblings. She is their mother's favorite, which brings much pain and frustration in Gargrim's life (their mother is a most fearsome Troll woman). Much like I did with Gargrim, Chuck has had an incarnation of Nukalu in phase 3 of beta, phase 4 of beta and final release of the game. In phase 3, she was a Shadow Knight, and since her adventures with Gargrim in the Innothule Swamp (which was a LOT foggier back then - really easy to get lost) were among my first in Norrath, I will cherish them for a long time. Nukalu and Gargrim form a well balanced "quatuor of evil" with the Dark Elves Malok and Nalok.


Quinteth Eventree

This gentle Druid is a member of the Council. He is a good friend of Alruna, although he is mostly seen in the company of Farynd, who is probably his best friend. He is steadily rising in power among the druidic circles, and will soon be able to transport his fellow Council members all across Norrath. He kindly performed the ceremony to Alruna's wedding, in front of many of their common friends.


This beautiful woman of the North has traveled to the lands of the Elves in the company of her fiancee, the Ranger Grast. Alruna and her have met on a few occasions, and have fast become friends. Rhyannia is one of the members of the Council.

Rutgger Silveraxe

This brave dwarven priest has grouped many times with Alruna. They are both members of the Council. Though they are quite different, Alruna and Rutgger have become great friends, and have learned that they can fully rely on each other's support in adversity.


Saldrin Pathwarden

Another one of Alruna's closest friends. They hunt together often nowadays, often in the company of Morley and Follwindy. Saldrin is a member of the Council and is often seen near the Qeynos region, battling the hordes of undead that assault his homeland. He is the master Ranger of the Council.


This fun loving Monk is the younger brother of my character Rulnak. He is another one of Chuck's many characters. I've written some background information about Rulnak and Sannon, but it's in french, so I've yet to translate it and put it on this site.

Sannon's name, pronounced in french, sounds much like "without name". This is an old joke that goes back to an early 1990's AD&D campaign where some guy simply could not find a name for his Monk character, and I came up with this one for him. Although the character died during the campaign, his name lived on and since then, many a Monk has been named Sannon to pay homage to this brave soul.

Seymore Draco

This Half-Elven Ranger is quite powerful. He was previously a member of the Council, but he left to pursue a more nomadic lifestyle. He is quite skilled with his twin blades, and he has traveled to many places in Norrath. Alruna has briefly hunted with him in Paw and on the island of death.


Spoffid Diffops

This brave warrior is a member of the Council. Alruna and him have hunted a few times together in the past, but the level difference between them now prevents such events. At least it's good to have him around and to chat on the guild channel...

Sulla Icewolf

He is now the leader of the Council. Though his coarse Barbarian manners could easily have insulted the sophisticated Alruna, his cheery mood and desire to help others have shown him in a good light to Alruna. He is no doubt a most valorous companion, being a powerful Barbarian Warrior. He would most likely make a good team with Alruna, though he is much more experienced than her.


Teepot Truewind

This Human Druid is the RL wife of Boburt. Alruna met her once, briefly, in Qeynos. I hope I get to know her more in the future. She used to be an important member of The Council, but she has now moved on to another guild.



My RL friend Christophe's character, Urgoll is a Barbarian Warrior. He is Branthara's younger brother. They have hunted together in Black Burrow and in Paw, but sadly, it is quite rare for them to hunt together because they have much different obligations.


This Wood Elven Ranger grouped with Alruna to slay some Gnolls in their lair of Paw. They hunted together for some time before we, as players, realized that we both speak french as our first language. It felt funny, then, to speak french together after speaking english for so long.



A good friend of Jicks' and Gesler's, this Half-Elven Ranger has become a good friend of Alruna. They have often hunted together all accross Antonica and even a few times in Unrest. He is a bold fighter and a charming companion.


Last updated: 99-11-28

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