The wedding

Many heroes of Norrath were gathered for the wedding of Jicks and Alruna Moongazer today in Surefall Glade on the Veeshan server. Many members of the Council guild, as well as friends of the bride and groom from other guilds, showed up to be with their friends on this special day. Many thanks go out to Galilee, Rutgger, Spoffid, Rhyannia, Quinteth, Fwing, Saldrin, Durith, Morley, Gesler, Yally, Jaesen, Gitano, Iuvil, Grumli, Ylalie and Nelrano for their presence and gifts.

Jicks Moongazer                Alruna Moongazer

Special thanks go out to the Council's Quinteth Eventree, who kindly performed the wedding ceremony before our Mother Tunare.

Here are some pictures I took during the wedding. If you have others to send me, kindly do so!

Some time ago, Jicks had proposed to Alruna. They had decided to get married in a place that was close to Tunare, but away from Alruna's family, for her mother and sister would disapprove of Alruna marrying a Half-Elf
The two thought of the perfect place for this: Surefall Glade
The beginning of the wedding. Friends gather from all over Norrath in quiet Surefall Glade
Finally the ceremony begins, and Jicks shares a last quiet moment with his beloved
The friends gather before the shrine of Tunare, where stands Quinteth
 Galilee was Alruna's maid of honor, and Yally was Jicks' best man
 The vows were spoken, and soon Jicks and Alruna were kissing
 The gathered friends cheered for Jicks Moongazer and Alruna Moongazer, united before Tunare

But a shadow passed over the gathering... At one point during the ceremony, a ghostly apparition made itself seen before the assembly. He was a glowing, white-robed human with a red beard. Some of the gathered heroes recognized this man as Barrett the Magician. The apparition wailed as if from beyond the grave. It cried for help to Alruna and her companions. Barrett's face was twisted in torment, and flames immolated him as he hovered above the mystified crowd. His words echoed in the mind of everyone... he spoke of a key, of a prison... Before he could tell more, his features twisted in agony and fire erupted about him. With a howl of despair and pain, he vanished!
Alruna sank to the ground, sobbing. Jicks hugged her and spoke soothing words in her ears. When at last she began to dry her tears, a young red-haired woman made her way through the crowd toward Alruna. The freckled youth pointed to Alruna, scowling. She angrily told the elven bride that this was all her doing. Her brother was in torment because of Alruna! Before Alruna could ask her more, the youth disappeared in the shadows, and Alruna's tears flowed anew.

The ceremony went on, and this tragic event did not prevent Jicks and Alruna from getting married, and of embracing each other fondly, united at last in the eyes of Tunare. However, once Alruna had thanked her friends for their wonderful presents and cheerful company, she gathered a few souls who were curious about the white-robed man's appearance and the young woman's strange accusations against Alruna. And so the elven priestess began to tell them the tale of Barrett's mystery...


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