Zeloth D'Biall

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Race: Dark Elf
Class: Enchanter
Gender: Male
Level: 9
Religion: Agnostic
Server: Veeshan
Current place of residence: Neriak
Alignment: Evil (Neutral tendencies)
Guild: Innorin Empire


Zeloth is the son of Xaleng D'Biall (a Teir'Dal nobleman), and the Necromancer Nisha. Zeloth's parents did not stay together very long, and had only one child together. When Zeloth was but a lad, his father, a dare-devil adventurer, met his end in mysterious circumstances. It is said he was ambushed by some members of a rival Teir'Dal family who later denied having had anything to do with it, and who blamed the Humans for Xaleng's death.
Zeloth never knew his father much, but heard many stories of his dashing adventures - Xaleng was a charming Rogue, as successful at stealing prized possessions from rich people as he was at conquering women's hearts. Zeloth worships the memory of his father and strives to become like him - admired and envied by other Teir'Dal.
The mother-son relationship between Nisha and Zeloth was cold at best. Nisha tried to steer Zeloth's formation toward the arts of Necromancy, but the D'Biall family were stubbornly opposed to that, and put pressure of their own for Zeloth to choose another path. In the end, it was Zeloth's reticence to gory rituals that convinced Nisha that her faint-hearted (by Teir'Dal standards) son was not meant to be a "True One". Nevertheless, she showed unusual respect to him (again, by Teir'Dal standards) and let him go his own way, knowing that, in the end, it would be best for both of them. Zeloth was truly fortunate to have such an open-minded mother.
If Zeloth brought some disappointment by straying from the Unholy Path shown by Innoruuk, he at least displayed much ability for the "lesser" Arcane arts, and quickly breezed through the Enchanter training at the Guild of the Spurned.

Zeloth is a graceful, handsome Teir'Dal, yet he spends little time with members of the fair gender. He is more of a loner. Though he is charming, and performs well in society, he despises most people. His speech often leaves lesser minds (i.e., Trolls and Ogres) dumbfounded, and is heavily sarcastic. Zeloth has an almost "Bristlebanian" talent for mockery and wit. He is clever and utterly aware of it. He is often condescending, and a bit hasty in judging others to be fools.

To him, fellow Teir'Dals are more dangerous than members of other races like the Humans. Zeloth sees his own people mostly as zealous fools who blindly seek their own destruction, and he secretly loathes Innoruuk. In his eyes, Humans and other "good" races can be tricked easily, since they are so intent on being friends with everyone. Zeloth's dream is of one day living among the Humans, in peace, disguised by some illusion to appear to be one of them.

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