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Race: Human
Class: Ranger
Gender: Male
Level: 7
Religion: Karana
Server: Karana
Current place of residence: Qeynos
Alignment: Good
Guild: None yet


Rulnak was born in a farm in the plains of Karana. Along with his younger brother Sannon and some other siblings, he had a pleasant, humble childhood. Rulnak was the oldest child of the family.

When he reached his teenage years, Rulnak started to feel the tug of a wander lust. He did not want to become a farmer and live a boring life like his father. So when he met some wandering Rangers from Surefall Glade, he knew he must go with them, to learn their ways. His father, a kind man, accepted that he leave his duties at the farm to go and live his dreams, however dangerous they would be.

Ironically, Rulnak was saved from doom by moving to Surefall Glade. After having been with the Rangers for about two years as an apprentice scout, his family's farm was raided by bandits during one night. Weeks later, Rulnak got the news from his Ranger masters. He was devastated. His whole family had been brutally murdered - all but one of his younger brothers, Sannon. The Monks of the Order of the Silent Fist had been on the heels of these brigands for some time and had finally managed to defeat them - but, unfortunately, not before that tragic night at the farm. The Monks had taken Sannon to their Temple, and healed him, as he had been wounded in the fight.

Years passed, and Rulnak learned the ways of the Rangers, while Sannon was training with the Monks. Rulnak roamed the woods, and often visited his brother in Qeynos. Though he loved the woods as much as any Ranger, Rulnak also enjoyed the festive mood of Qeynos. He became a regular client at many taverns near the harbor, and befriended several Bards with his own tales of travels, and by bringing them rare wood from the depths of the forest, for the crafting of their instruments.

Once they had been sufficiently trained, the brothers set forth to fight evil. They hunted around the Qeynos Hills for a while, and then moved on to Everfrost, where they helped the Warriors of Halas to fight the onslaught of Goblins and Gnolls.

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