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Svennik's early days were tough in the northlands - he had to struggle to make ends meet
But the one night, he met a devious woman named Ysanna
She sent him on an errand to Qeynos... And told him he might enjoy himself there, more than in Halas
The journey was not easy, as Svennik had to cross Black Burrow...
... and had to face nature's ambushes...
... with little help from the self-righteous guardians of nature. We see here how Svennik expresses his true feelings.
In Qeynos, he soon met a lovely enchantress named Inwe...
They traveled together for some time, venturing once more in Black Burrow...
Though their plans soon got foiled there...
The gnoll forces were quite strong and organized, so they had to leave for greener pastures.
Namely, the island of Kerra.
At one point, Inwe had to concentrate on her arcane studies. The thieves' guildmaster sent Svennik on a mission...
To Freeport... Once again, Svennik had to fight his way there.
Once in Freeport, he immediately began to seek the Thieves' guild there.
He contacted them soon enough, and was assigned on other dangerous missions.
Here he is dealing with some half-elves who want to buy his smuggled goods.
Here is one of his closest companions, an Ogre nicknamed "Rocko".

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