Race War Chronicles

In the Vallon Zek version of Norrath, several inhabitants of the Qeynos region have grouped together to defend the Human race against its enemies. These brave souls are still young, and have many things to discover in Norrath before they can truly hope to influence the tide of battle, yet their resolve is strong.

They have already shown great bravery fighting the gnoll tribes of Black Burrow and Paw, at great risk to their personal lives.

The companions

Race: Erudite
Class: Enchanter
Level: 12
Origin: Erudin
Religion: Agnostic
Played by: Yannick

This lovely young woman has recently joined the group in their quest for the defense of the human lands. Despite her youth, she is very wise, and knows much about the world. She is an excellent tactician.


Race: Human
Class: Bard
Level: 11
Origin: Qeynos
Religion: Bristlebane
Played by: Chuck

This charming, quick-witted fellow delights his companions with his songs and tales of adventures. He brings good cheer in difficult times, and can stand his own in a fight.


Race: Human
Class: Ranger
Level: 12
Origin: Surefall Glade
Religion: Karana
Played by: Carl

A very enthusiastic person, his optimism often drives the group forward. He is very skilled in the outdoors, especially when it comes to tracking down foes. He is a very good archer and swordsman. He recently started the trade of tailoring, making patchwork armors for the human soldiers.


Race: Human
Class: Warrior
Level: 11
Origin: Qeynos
Religion: Agnostic
Played by: Patrick

This young man is a powerful warrior, always in search of challenges. He is very eager to discover Norrath, having spent his entire life in the Qeynos region. He strives for adventure and enjoys the rush of adrenaline.


Race: Human
Class: Magician
Level: 12
Origin: Qeynos
Religion: Rodcet Nife
Played by: Antonin

This wise master of the Arcane Arts often acts as group leader. He has a good knowledge of the lands of Norrath, since he has studied many maps and tomes at the Qeynos library. He hates the Teir'Dal above all else and will even accept a temporary truce with the Bloodsabers in order to eradicate that threat. He is very kind-hearted, but his patience for fools is notoriously short.



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