This was the companions' frist journey to Everfrost Peaks. They decided to go help their Barbarian cousins, as they heard rumours that Halas was in danger of being invaded by orcs. By helping the Barbarians, the heroes hoped to strengthen the bond between Halas and Qeynos in the fight against the Teir'Dal. With the help of the Barbarians, maybe the defenders of Qeynos could make a push to go aid their brethren from Freeport. Gartheren, Nelrano, Pata and Tormelcai were there. They were all 7th level, except for Tormelcai who was 8th.
Journey to Everfrost
The companions gazed about in wonder when they entered Everfrost. Despite the cold, it was very much alive with some peculiar inhabitants.
Alas, some were rather aggressive, 
like this snow leopard.
The companions learned of a Horde of Orcs gathered about the plains.
These brutish pillagers represented 
a danger to Halas and it ally, Qeynos.
Using Nelrano's mastery of the outdoors 
to their advantage, the heroes 
ambushed many orcs one by one
But the Orcs are mighty foes. 
They gave one hell of a fight.
Other monstrosities roamed 
the plains of Everfrost...
... Like this giant wooly spider!!
Once again, the heroes fought 
selflessly for the protection of 
the people of Halas
And for EXP and ca$h also, 
of course!  :-)
 The heroes fight many spiders at once
 More spider action (picture taken by Nelrano)
An epic battle (picture taken by Nelrano)
The heroes are victorious! (picture taken by Nelrano)

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