Pictures of the companions


Pictures of Eliana
Eliana and her familiar in Everfrost
Eliana acting as a temporary cheerleader
Eliana: Woman of a Thousand Faces

Pictures of Gartheren
Gartheren in the depths 
of Black Burrow
Gartheren near the gnoll lair of Paw
Gartheren with the Centaurs 
of South Karana
Gartheren in Paw
Gartheren in Everfrost
Gartheren, a few seasons later

Pictures of Nelrano
Nelrano and Tormelcai: the first two 
members of the group meet for 
the first time near Surefall Glade
Nelrano stalks his preys in the night
Nelrano seeks the gnolls deep 
into their lair of Paw
Nelrano after a fight 
against the gnolls
Nelrano gazes around, but all 
the gnoll sentinel have been slain.
 Nelrano, now a master tailor. ;-)

Pictures of Pata
Pata prepares to enter Paw 
for the first time
Pata longs to cleave another gnoll 
with his Two-Handed Sword
Pata and Nelrano in front of 
Black Burrow. Guess which one 
has spend more on his clothing?
Pata in Qeynos, coming back 
from an archery lesson
Pata, litterally kicking some gnoll b*tt
Pata grins over the body of 
a fallen gnoll warrior
Pata goes deeper inside Paw, 
looking for more preys
Pata enters some gnoll barracks, but they are empty
 Pata shows off his new boots

Pictures of Tormelcai
Tormelcai in Qeynos
Tormelcai ponders. Where should 
he bring the group next?
Tormelcai and his familiar brought 
their own share of misery to 
the gnolls of Paw
Tormelcai studies the defenses of the
gnolls of Paw. Such information will be 
useful to the Qeynos defenders.
Tormelcai leads his friends 
to the Centaur village, so they may 
sell and buy supplies
 K I B E R  !!!

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