For the first journey to Paw, the companions assembled a rather large group. Gartheren, Nelrano and Tormelcai were joined by the Warrior Pata, a friend of Tormelcai's from Qeynos. They also recruited two other defenders of Qeynos for the journey: a Druid named Akula and a Necromancer named Agoth. There was much tension between Agoth and Tormelcai at first, because of their respective profession, but they agreed to a truce as the safety of Qeynos was at stake. After this epic adventure, they even became civil to each other. Maybe not friends, but at least not enemies anymore. For this adventure, the characters were level 5-6.
A journey to Paw !
It all began as a quiet day in Qeynos...
... The companions were still resting from 
their expedition in the plains of 
Karana a few days before...
... But they knew the gnolls of Paw were 
a menace to the people of Qeynos... 
So they went to scout the gnoll lair...
Gartheren was playing Selo's Accelerando, 
which greatly reduced the 
traveling time of the group.
Tormelcai gives his companions 
a briefing on the group tactics.
Soon the companions reach Paw, 
and attack the sentinels around it.
Passers-by noticed some strange lights 
and sounds coming from Paw that day.
One by one, the gnolls fall before 
the onslaught of the group!
Agoth the Necromancer
Akula the Druid
A magical moment: Tormelcai and Pata 
see a Treant in the distance.
The great Tree-Man is lost in contemplation 
of nature and ignore the humans totally.
Too soon, he walks away...
... and leaves the dazzled companions behind.

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