For the second second journey, only the four main companions were present. Gartheren, Nelrano, Pata and Tormelcai ventured again to fight the gnolls. This time the heroes started level 6-7 and all gained a level during the adventure.
Second journey to Paw
Once again, the companions left 
Qeynos to venture into Paw. This time, 
they left during the night.
Soon enough, they came to the 
entrance of the gnoll lair
The companions survey the 
surroundings from the top of a hill
They quickly dispatch 
a first sentinel
It calls for reinforcement, but they 
too are met with brutal efficiency 
by the Qeynos warriors
One by one the gnolls fall before 
the display of might and magic 
of the companions
As the last sentinel falls, 
the companions decide to 
venture into the lair
Two gnolls guard the entrance. 
The heroes grin: this will 
be an easy fight.
Indeed, both guards soon fall 
under the blades and spells 
of our heroes...
The corpse of an Ogre lies at the entrance. 
A testimony of the gnolls' neutrality in 
the Race War: they oppose all.
The alarm is raised! 
More gnolls suddenly pour 
into the room.
Another fight begins 
against the gnolls
Tormelcai blasts the gnolls 
with a Fire Flux
No gnoll escapes the carnage. 
Those who try to run are 
cut down by the companion's blades.
Gartheren and Tormelcai wait in 
the first room...
... while Pata and 
Nelrano scout ahead.
After a few fights, there is no gnoll left 
standing in the first part of Paw. Even 
the sleeping quarters are empty.
The companions leave Paw at last 
and go sell their spoils at the 
nearby Centaur outpost

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