The companions hunted for some time in the plains of Karana after their adventures in Everfrost. The slew many wild beasts: Giant Spiders, Lions, Grizzly Bears, Chasm Crawlers, Mist Wolves and Carrion Spiders. They also faced the bandits of Karana, who represented a menace to the safety of the residents of Karana, suppliers of many things to the citizens of Qeynos. Once the menace of the bandits was eliminated, the group decided to venture into HighPass Hold... But the way was dangerous... As Giants and Griffins roamed the plains. Still, thanks to Gartheren's Songs, they made the journey. Eliana bought some rare enchantments in Highpass Keep, and Tormelcai learned the arts of brewery.

As the Heroes made their way back down the pass, they were ambushed by vile Gnolls. But the Heroes were victorious. As Eliana had mysteriously vanished, and Pata was still in Qeynos, Nelrano, Gartheren and Tormelcai decided not to venture toward Freeport, but to go back to Qeynos instead. After their long journey back, they discovered that there was much unrest in the gnoll caverns of Black Burrow. The gnolls were preparing to march against the Humans! So the heroes ventured into the depths of the gnoll lair, and wreaked havoc among its denizens, preventing the gnolls from organizing an assault for some time...

For this adventure, the characters were level 10-11 and all gained one level.

Plains of Karana, High Pass Hold, Black Burrow
A bandit camp in West Karana
Alas, many bandits are beautiful young women :-(
A battle against a vicious Grizzly
Deep into the mountains lies High Keep
The final part of the expedition: into the depths of Black Burrow

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