My characters

Here is a list of the characters I used to play in Everquest.

Here are some characters I played during the beta testing.

Phase 3:

Branthara, Barbarian Shaman
Gargrim, Troll Warrior
Harnria, Human Cleric (Freeport area)
Rulnak, Human Paladin (Freeport area)
Tormelcai, Human Magician (Qeynos area)
Xandia, Dark Elf Rogue

Phase 4:

Gargrim, Troll Warrior (on Xegony)
Jeslina, Human Ranger (on Fennin Ro or Xegony, don't remember for sure)

I also played many, many, many little characters level 1-3, but they are of little importance and will probably never be remembered in Norrath.

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