The Cleric Armor Quests


 You know, I'm not a vain woman, but I do care about my appearance. Look at this hunk. Isn't he dreamy in his full Cleric Quest Armor?
When I was around level 30, I noticed that I looked plain. My armor was mismatched; I looked more like a buffoon than like a Cleric. *sigh* 
I decided it was time to get some serious fashion tips! So I went to visit my friend Blaize the Radiant in the Temple of Solusek Ro. She gave me some good advice. 
 First travel to Dagnor's Cauldron to kill Bilge... *sigh* No bilge, but I got attacked by a Goblin Tidal Lord. Luckily, some gentlemen came to my rescue.
Then I ventured into Befallen. I waited many days and many nights for the wee Necromancer Babbinsbort. 
One morning, I woke up and there he was, standing right before me! I immediately engaged him to get the goodies... Errr, I mean, to rid the world of his evil presence. *blushes* 
 Oh yeah, baby.
Errr, I mean, "You have been vanquished by the powers of Tunare, dark fiend!"
Yes. Much better.
 I then journeyed all the way to Kerra Ridge to hunt for the Erudite Heretic Maugarim. She, too, eluded me for some time.
But in the end, I did vanquish her! 
So I came back to Blaize and she made some nice looking armor for me
I was soooo happy !!!!
Until I saw people with a FULL set of nice armor. And I had only half of it. *sigh*
So I resumed my quest. I went to North Karana to try and find Regis the Reverent... Hoping that the werewolf hunters would not catch him before I did.
I got into a small fight with 3 Hill Giants...
Thank Tunare for SoW...
At last, I faced my foe!
"Surrender, Regis! Give up thy flute!"
"Never!" he rasped;
"Is that your final answer?" I asked.
And then he fell to the ground, dead for good this time.
I gave his flute to his former lover, the gypsy Liana Feresa.
With a sad smile, she thanked me and vanished after giving me the icon of the Reverent.
Here I run on water to the Aviak Island of the Ocean of Tears
My friends and I battle the mighty Gull Skytalon
Here I am with Marrduc as we complete my quest for the Caduceus of Sacrament.
Et voila! One almost full set of quest armor please!  (I am missing one bracer, but it's good enough for me)
I could not have done this without the help of my friends. Many thanks especially to Rutgger, Spoffid, Byrin, Saldrin, Marrduc, Morley, Fwing, Sanru, Weewun, Kallayen and Abdule !!   *hugs*
Now I can rest happy, knowing that I look as good as ... wait... Oooohhhh a blue dress!!! I would look sooooo good in a blue dress!

Last updated: 2000-04-02

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