Friendship and Strife

During those next few years, Alruna made many friends, especially in a group of bold adventurers called the Council. She hunted with them all the time; and though she had many new friends, she also fought Evil continuously. That conflict took at times its toll on her gentle nature. Those were indeed the years of Friendship and Strife. Slowly but surely, she rose in power and in rank, eventually becoming a respected member of the Church of Tunare as well as an officer of the Council.

Alruna at the Stone bridge in South Karana
Alruna swimming in the frozen river in Everfrost. Brrr !!!
Hearing that a new, deadly army of gnolls had recently invaded Paw, Alruna went with other adventurers to battle them.
A helpful Halfling...
Alruna reviving a fallen friend.
 Alruna surrounded by a fiery blue aura
 Alruna and her friend Grimnismal heading to the Rathe Mountains for a raid on Hill Giants
 Alruna hunting with some companions in Cazic-Thule
 Where is Alruna now? Was she imprisonned within these emerald walls?
 Out of darkness... Comes hope
 Alruna's stats at level 36
 A brutal onslaught of gnolls have left Alruna in dire straits. She must now get back what was lost.
 A friend getting maybe a bit too friendly
 Great friends
The healing powers of Alruna
Those dear halflings, always ready to come to the rescue of a damsel in distress!
Alruna meets the famous Nepenthia of EQ Express as well as a naked Baini
Turgan the Reliant: a broken man.
He gives Alruna an icon needed for a quest.
 Another vile undead has been purified.

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