The years of searching

During the next few years, Alruna wandered the plains and hills and deserts of Antonica. She lived on the edge and met many heroes who shared her longing to bring Good to the world of Norrath. During those years she lived many exciting adventures; most were on Antonica, but Alruna also went back to Faydwer with friends to battle the rising evil in the Estate of Unrest. Here are a few pictures from all those adventures...

Alruna Moongazer in her journey to Antonica
Alruna in Paw
During the ordeal of Befallen, Alruna seeks a moment of inner peace under Galilee's vigilant watch (picture taken by Galilee)
Alruna in the rain
Alruna Moongazer in the desert of Ro
Alruna rests inside her room at the Jade Tiger Inn in Freeport
Alruna playing cards with Jicks and Yally in Befallen.
Alruna at level 16, in Dagnor's Cauldron
Alruna at level 17, in East Karana
Alruna at the entrance to Permafrost
Alruna comes back to Felwithe after a long journey
Alruna in Unrest
"You have slain a Reclusive Ghoul Magi!"
"Honey, I shrunk the Cleric!"
SMITE - the wrath of Tunare!
"You have slain a Snow Orc Shaman!"
The souls of the dead are now avenged...

Last updated: 2000-01-23

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