A Muun in Blakkinhol

This page shows pictures that were taken during a night of drinking in Neriak. Malok, Nalok, Kzan and Gargrim drank huge quantities of alcohol that night, and engaged in various activities such as dice playing, "singing", trying to play darts, hiding the bodies of the people they killed while trying to play darts, bashing each other in the arena, trying and failing to pick up "Bigun" chicks, and telling stories about their childhood.

Gargrim has bit too much to drink
So who wants play darts?
Whhhooo... Me better stop drinking now. Thaz Malok in big water?
Us follow Malok through secret passage to Troll 'hood.
Malok shows us way.
Is Kzan in secret passage.
Kzan and Gargrim fight in arena
More fun in arena
Malok tells us how many bottles of funny water he has now. Gargrim not unnerstands how much is, but sounds like muuntuu!
Is young Blakkin scared by Gargrim. Gargrim tells him not eat him and give him good stuff makes him stronger. Is Fiery Brew. Krrr krrr !!
Is Nafoz drink together at table. Good times...
Malok talks to pretty lady.
Nalok buys us and pretty lady drinks.
Nalok looks good with black robe. Now he so strong, us sumtimes call him Nalok Sigsev. Is full name.
Da boyz want have some fun.
But she already taken by Ambassador. Grrrr.... Me not wants lil lady cry, so me not bashes Ambassador... But me wants to.
Gargrim talks to hot Bigun lady who dances. She not likes what Gargrim says and punches in face. Argh!! Gargrim moangry but not does nuthin. Is not like Gargrim hit woman.
Kzan tells story of tretchry.
Gargrim listens to story of Kzan.
Kzan gets moangry because of sumthin Gargrim says. But later, he says Gargrim is ok, Gargrim just tries help.


Last updated: 99-11-27

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