The Journey

This page describes the journey that brought Gargrim, Malok and Nukalu from Innothule Swamp to Neriak.

One day Gargrim notice he gets kind of tuff.... Is wield two weapons...
Is has to compete with Mobigs for hunting...
Can still have fun killing puny Bigboss in swamp...
But even he starts get easy for Gargrim. 
Nukalu, Malok and Gargrim think is time for more challenge. So us decide go to home of Malok. Is Blakkinhol. Us hear Cimmerii there. They bash good, us try and join them.
After molong walk in desert of mohot and mothirsty, us run in nahot underground desert. Is nice change of pace.
Us have to cross river to go to Blakkinhol.
Is mean fish in river... Us have to fight them.
Is Epik batl.
In end, there too many fish, and us have to swim to shore. Us barely make it.
Us go back and kill fish later!
At last, us arrive in Blakkinhol. Is look pretty.
In Blakkinhol, us go to bank to put stuff in it and take out.
Gargrim even hired to be bank guard for time. But is boring. Just stand there and look mean. Gargrim quit, would rather do something kunstruktiv and look mean.
Finally, us meet with some Cimmerii. They motuff Troll Bashers.
They Krual and Kzan. Us talk to them about joining Cimmerii...

Last updated: 99-11-27

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