The Swamp

These are pictures from Gargrim's early adult life in Innothule Swamp.

"Is me in Grobb"
"Character sheet of me at level 5"
"Character sheet of me at level 7"
"Is me against bunch of frogs"
" Is me with BIG sword"
"Is me on pyramid in Ogre jungle"
"Say hello to my little friend"
"Me takes break from fighting in Guk to ponder upon meaning of Life"
"Is bridge of Gargrim. You not passes unless pays toll."
"Is blue sky land.
One day, me lives there."
"Is me and Malok stand watch near Evil camp.
Evil bad, they too near Grobb.
Me not likes. So me kills."
"Me fishes with buddies..."
"Me goes with Malok in big hand of swamp"
"Is good to be King!"
"Gargrim learn fight with two swords... Is no more mister nice guy."
During a moment of craziness, our group started dancing together...
Malok, Nalok and I were all listening to the same radio station at the time...
We danced to that alternative music presented by Claude Rajotte... Damn it was good !
That was a true EQ moment... Like Morley's icy glare, the skeleton named Laser, the Barbarians who say "Ni!" and Super Pet!
We got some strange looks from people coming in and out of the swamp from South Ro... :-)
"Is character sheet of Gargrim at level 13"

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