Life on Faydwer

These pictures show scenes of Alruna's early days as a wandering Cleric on the continent of Faydwer.

Alruna right after making level 12
At the entrance to Crushbone
After meeting the Minotaur Hero... On the way to loot my corpse...
On her way out of Kaladim
Entering the Butcherblock Mountains
Alruna in Lesser Faydark, at night
Alruna in her home town, the majestic Felwithe
Alruna poses again for us in Felwithe
Alruna's character sheet at level 13
Alruna enjoys some more quality time in Felwithe
Alruna stands beside Rendell, one of the Superior Mothers of the Church of Tunare,
as she prepares to venture to Antonica for the first time. There, her life will be changed forever as she will find love, despair, glory and many new friends.
Alruna's Goddess - the gentle Tunare
(picture taken from EQvault)

You can see the rest of Alruna's adventures here.

Last updated: 2000-01-23

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