Da kwest

 Part Uun


Is all start uun muun in Blakkinhol. Us meet Cimmerii in Todstul place in Blakkinhol.
Us just drink bit, but den us go to big mitting. Is called Mitting of Muun.
Mitting of Muun is talk for long time. Is talk n talk n talk... After while Gargrim loses kunstrachun...
...Mind of Gargrim wanders off n tinks bout good stuff...
But den da Bigbossez say name of Gargrim. Gargrim luks up n prittenz listens to talk. Here whaz uun Bigboss looks like.
Dey make us stand in line n answer kwestuns. Us anser. N say what part of Cimmerii goes in. Me wants go in Hand to bash, but at last minute changes mind.
Me tinks likes lot sister n nafoz. Me wants nabad happenz to dem. So me sez goes in Shild insted. Hopes Bigboss Mornak not too dizponted wit Gargrim.
Den Kzan sez spitch bout blite kwest. Gargrim not unnderstands much but tinks is good help Kzan. Is shows Gargrim good Shield. 
Kzan mosmart, is knows how get under Fripport to go Mobigwatr. He shows Gargrim sikret way.
But den trajedy happens. Motuff guard of Fripport bashes Kzan n Gargrim. So Gargrim goes back help Kzan... Is bash evils takes dere weppuns.
But is not all! Guard of Fripport bashes Gargrim tuu times! Grrrrr... Gargrim swears rivvenge on guard. Is name Hirazen. Gargrim not forgets. Gargrim lerns good lesson dat namuun: help oders is BAD!
So us bash few things while wait Kzan sez whaz kwest of us is.

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Last updated: 99-12-12

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